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You must have heard and read about Secularism, which in short can be introduced as the principle of separating religion from government. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages and explain the effect it has on our lives. 


Shilan Jalal said...

The secularism:
Secularism or (laicism) is the most recent fascinating expression which has been argued by politician and ordinary people in the last century till now. There are several definition for Secularism, each writer or philosopher has a different view, some of them say; it is a claim for separation the religion from the state institution and politic from the religion. Others think, it is a program of duty relating to our life.
There is no doubt that any new expression or principle carries decent or wicked ideas, sometimes it brings both. The advantage of the Secularism is separating the religion of the government. In one sense, it gives the right to people to practice their moralities freely without restriction of any religious constrained. Some other thinkers consider that it is a good idea, because it can protect the religion from the government’s intervention.
This principle made a big argument in some countries, especially in those which the religion is the source of the institution that runs the government. In Europe, they think that the Secularism is a movement toward a civilized society. For instance, they believe that the religion should be grown and be updated with the society step by step. They try to convince people that the secularism has a good role upon the religion and state institution at the same time.
Unfortunately, some people think that Laicism has come to remove anything nice from the society that we have been blessed with as a grace from God. Those people prefer to keep the religion as a main base and source for the Government’s institution.
Shilan Jalal

Shahbaz Hussain said...

People in the past used to be more dependent on one another, whereas nowadays they lead a more independent life. Do you agree or disagree?

independent life
P1: introduction.
P2: •families are breaking up.
• people are more communicate.
• technology and benefits.
P3: conclusion.

There are many people who believe that we are more destroying our families and friend. However other side some believes its more relationship then we ever had before.

The first idea is, families are breaking up their relationship because they are more independent nowadays, however, some people are like to live there own, although they don't like to live that old fashion style. The second idea is, people have more communications then ever because they are more in touch with each other but as a results we are more in respectable with families and friends now then before. The third idea is, the benefits of technology has become so advance so most of people finding their relationship are more sucessful , however some people believes we are getting for from our families for example, most of younger people like to live with out their parents.

In conclusion, I would like to say that in my opinion I'd like to be more independent. I prefer it because i like my own space so I could do what ever I want. Another idea is, less hassle and more ways to say money.

Anonymous said...

Shahbaz Hussain.

Many languages are disappearing every year. Is this a bad thing, or could having fewer languages help bring people together?

As you know there are not many languages in this world because they have been disappearing every year however, it's more helpful for people to communicate and as you know English is the international language in the world so in my essay I will show some advantages and disadvantages.

The first idea is, learning another language gives the learner the ability to step inside the mind however without the ability to communicate and understanding its very difficult than you thought. The second idea is, today our businesses have been more successful because we don't have many languages to communicate so we are earning a lot than ever. The third idea is, it's very easy to learn because the less the languages the fastest you learn.

On the other hand, the tensions caused by language many people lose out on their culture for example. language is the main key of any culture. One of the other reason is, unity has a big importance for some religions for example all family members should know the same language so they could speak with each other. The final disadvantage is, foreign people who can't memorise more than one language so they find it difficult to socialise with many people, although their are translators available.

In my conclusion I would like to say that in my opinion I would prefer languages not to disappear because its excitement experience to get to the bottom of each knowledge for example, history.

Barear said...

Are parents always the best teachers?

Parents are the great teacher, when the child born he/she doesn’t know anyone and he/she don`t know anything; form that time parents are teaching them badly or in a good way.
Their religion, respectful or disrespect all ethics they well build it.

But when he/she growing up until the teenager time, at that time the society well affect his/her ethics badly or goodly also in that age parent will know how good and strong teached their child.
If he/she passed the teenager time successfully, in my opinion they well success all the life because it`s Mirror for future.

Teenager time is the dangers time for children Because he/she will communicate with other people and there are many good people and bad, they don`t know which one is good they only see Personal view and they trust but if he/she had best teacher which is the parents, will not fail in this step of life.

However sometime parents can`t do anything with their child also it’s at the teenager time, parents should be dealing with them like friend but parents should keep their position as dad or mam. Parent should show her/his love for child to show they love hem the don`t want he/she be in trouble also parent should advise the child in emotional way because child thinking his/her decision are the best, even the parent tell them you are wrong they don`t listen but if advising them in emotion way it will work.

In the game of life this is lots of problem and lots of happy time, when you are in the happy times you think you are haven`t see any bad time also child is one of the character and this will make you happy and make you sad, like everything have two said. Parents are the boss of this game, parents should read more book about (raise the children) to have best knowledge.

bakhtiar said...

Cild Benifits
parents should save the money for there cild the money that cild get it from goernment.if the parents save the benifits that child get it untill age 16 so by that age child shoul have enough income to pay for leving expensve. for exmple if the want move from parents houes so the have money to rent house or buy car untill the find job.if i give opinin about that i would say gorenment should hold account for very child and take some mount of money from each child benifits put on the child account then hund back the account to the child when age 16. the reson I am saing that because most of uk parents thire expensve depend on child benifit.teenagers nowadays when the want to go out of parents house the have no money to rent hous so the have too go to hostel or shear house and i thing that is why we have so much problam with teenagers if the have some mount of money that the can live on with untill the find the job or untill the get degree then we may get less problames with teenagers. thursday/25/10/012

Bakhatiar said...

Discussion/Argument I want to comment about discussion. When people having discussion about oponin or idea often seem leades to argument.Same time even gos farthan that like saing naste wordes too each other,throwing things even having fight.The resion forthat because people are not excepting others oponin or not respecting oppsit oponin.Same people think that the are smarterthan otheres and that is why the attacking each other.I Think we all should take each other oponin and excep becaues evrey one dose make mystic so you are not all ways right. Teke otheres oponin and think about widly then decide will is wrong or right. Do not just think about yourselfe matter or pawer that no one else on erthe excep you. you comment welcome about what I have retian. Bakhtiar on 9/11/02 at 1:21 afternoon.

Shahbaz Hussain. said...

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I have taken some pictures, which I have included in this letter for you to have a look at and I am also sending you the lettuce aswel.

I am very upset about this product. I am usually a very good costumer and I shop a lot. I am glad I didn’t eat this product.

I would appreciate if you could check it for me and give me a full refund.

Yours faithfully

Shahbaz hussain

bakhtiar said...

I seem nawadys people they are follwing too what a science saing but are we all belive what thire saing? the answer for that quotint is no. It still religes people the don`t belive about the way scientific saing how life started on erthe. the reson for that it because the diffrent between what are science saing and religes saies.would the science ever beabil too make exprnetion that make evryone belive thim? in my oponin no the reson for my answer no is because it to diffrent world science and religen. even the science the brought alot off thing in our real life but the many of this thing are in religes books the talke about it even has been retan down in many years go some of other thing have been retan down diffrend way science saing and I think that is the reson way the many religes people the not belive what science this dayes science are looking for a life in diffrent planet which is if the find life in anthre planet than people will think that all religes bookse are come from thim but in religes books it tell us ther no any other life. Is the science will be ever babil to find life on anther planet???


Some people think that government should support painters, poets, musicians, and other artists financially. Others argue that money should be spent on other, more important, issues. Do you agree or disagree?

Some people admit paintings, music, poetry and other forms of art are very important for living however, on the other hand some people believe government should not financially help them as it is a waste of time and money therefore life skips by very fast. I will discuss whether art should be included in our national budget.

On my first point, the main disadvantage is that today we almost do every thing that is connected to art for instance, music is being listened to wherever and whatever you do thus it is decreasing attention. Secondly the other disadvantage is that people are mostly believe that art is fake “it’s not a true its a just image or words” finally it is distract our daily life also it effects our education as a results, today lodes of people are not very well educated.

Firstly, one of the main advantage is that toady the art is one of the most thing to their life because people are admit that they found the truthiness in it. The second thing is, that we also find our history plus we learn our tradition and it has many secrets, which has not been found yet. The last point is that the art would not cost much but we can make a lot profit of it for example painting, poets, and music.

In conclusion, in my opinion art is creative and historical because it is very interesting when you research deep into the depths of history plus music has sincerity of purification. Therefore it is wise for governmental help with this situation.

Saya (comment)Please this is a paragraph of a short story said...

“I still adore you, believe me, you are my dreams. But it is impossible to continue with you... I am not guilty... God decided I have to carry on alone. That is my body is riddled with disease...I want you to have a tranquil life, not with me,” he wrote. “I can’t believe it is not true” she said as she shook her head, then she read it again. Her face turned to pale, her eyes wide opened, her hands shake. She felt limp and fallen to the floor and left him forever.
The door was opened! “Thanks God,” she sighed.
After that she entered into the house and scanned it intensely. There were no sign of Alan. “Alan, Alan,” she called in a low and tremble voice. She put her hand onto her mouth and shocked. “I wonder where you went without locking your door,” She murmured. Before she left, she scanned the living room again. She noticed that there was an astonishing red flower placed on the dining table at the middle of the room; she strutted toward it, picked it up and lifted toward her nose inhaled deeply and grinned blissfully. Her heart was pounding and the butterflies were dancing into her stomach her face were blushed. Suddenly with a quick turn her sight catches a letter at the corner of the table. She collected it and started to read delightfully.
The door wasn’t answered and she was crouched down and leaned against the door hopelessly. A few moments later she thundered away into the car. As she was about open the car’s door, she was stared and frowned at Alan’s door! She then came back and tried to push the door.

Saya (paraphrase) said...

Nowadays, a variety of food is widely available in supermarkets. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to eat healthy. Food labelling has improved. Do you think that the food we consume today is a healthier option than maybe a decade ago? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Food is one of the foundations of healthy body, it’s vitally important to protect the organs of the body from the external elements. To gain this aim we need to eat more sophisticated than ordinary food.

Decades ago, the population was not as much as it is nowadays, so our forefathers used to produce more organic foods, and ate healthier than us. At that time those amounts of ordinary production could feed the population, in a way that sometimes they used the organic foods as a remedy. By contrast now the Genetically Modified food unbelievably invaded the entire world.

It is true; it can solve the world’s hunger problem, because the population is incredibly exhilarated. But it can harm human health and spread serious diseases such as “cancer” across the world.

God creates the worthy typical nature for humans to live in unclear. All in all, we should not spoil the nature and modify it merely for profits.

Moreover, our ancestors’ lifespan was unbelievably prolonged. For example’ the young people have short life-span as compare to elderly people, because they have no idea how to strengthen the immune system of their body ,to strengthen it, one need to eat variety of organic vegetables, fruits and do simple but regular exercise . One should not take too much coffee and tea.

Overall, the government should encourage and support the farmers to boost the yields. People should buy and eat the foods that are grown naturally. comments: parag comments: paragracis and grammar said...

Do We Need So Many Languages

Languages represented bridge of communication. In addition, it is also reflect personal education, moral and thoughtful. Through learning multi languages from other countries, it could build between people friendship, enlarge panorama and develop speaking skills.
Certainly, speak variety languages are bringing plenty of beneficial to everyone. At the meanwhile, we have learned from others country culture and literacy as well. Furthermore, learners have more opportunity to apply in their career and bright prospect.
By the way, extra learning others languages could benefif your personal for instead, if you work at travel agents or as a guide tour, that is quite advantange for you if you can speak differ languages is easiar to communicate with tourist without any problem.
In my opinion, there is significant useful if you know to speak others languages than single language. It is seem valuable treasure also advanced potential
that might one day you will feel useful for you in future.

jackyline pires, , paraphrase said...

The local newspaper in the community where you live is planning to publish article about celebrations in different countries. This might include religious festivals or family celebrations. You decide to write an article for the newspaper about a celebration in a country you know. In your article, you should describe what people do during the celebration and include any other information you should be interesting for the readers of the article.

Once a year in Sao Tome in the end of summer each family gathers to celebrate a traditional dinner called Sinza Dinner.
Family, nearest friend, children come to this dinner to thanks for all blessing received. Before dinner the oldest person make a prayer, after that since young to old talk about some miracle, bless or any really great thing occurred. In this occasion is frequently forgive someone who offended you before If It is the case, remember the past, tell history.Normally the woman of house cook a traditional food of the country as a Calulu and Izaquente with red wine or juice to follow. On the other the hand, the man prepare a games to play together after dinner. The most interesting is when people change a present each other.
Therefore if you participate in this party you will enjoy so much.

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